Lily MacFaydian
Product Designer
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Girl Develop It

Landing Page Design // A/B Testing

Girl Develop It

Girl Develop It (GDI) creates welcoming, supportive opportunities for women and non-binary adults to learn software development skills.  

Today, their movement is growing faster than ever before as more people who have been left out of tech are inspired to get involved, with an average of 2,500 new members signing up to join GDI communities across the country each month. Now, they are 62 chapters strong with over 110,000 members.

The Challenge

GDI-Chicago's chapter was going through a rebuilding stage after going on a hiatus earlier in the year. They were looking to showcase their value proposition to attract new sponsors, instructors, and members.

Role: As the product designer, I was responsible for the research, personas, wireframes, mockup, and a/b testing for the website.

The Process


To show the impact GDI makes, I wanted to gather feedback from members and instructors. I set up an online survey and asked the GDI community to fill it out. Some questions I had were:

  • How has GDI helped you grow as a developer?
  • What made you choose GDI over other tech organizations?
  • How do you think GDI Chicago should grow as a chapter moving forward?

GDI Persona for a sponsor

GDI Persona for a sponsor


GDI's target audience is companies interested in sponsorship, technology instructors, and women interested in coding. To understand the needs of these customers, I created user personas. I refered to them throughout the entire development process as a guide to make user stories and assumptions where they would perform as users.

Responsive Wireframe

Responsive Wireframe

Responsive Design

To visualize the user experience and illuminate any possible pain points in the design I created wireframes with Basalmiq.

One of our main goals was to ensure that our site would look and function well on any size device.

Each page element was designed with small screen sizes in mind- I determined how each element should flow and what design would work best on varying screen sizes.

A/B Testing

Before launching the landing page, I did a few rounds of  A/B testing with Google Analytics Experiments in order to reveal possible usability problems.

I tested the value proposition, member testimonial, as well as the colors and layout.

Some insights I discovered was-

  • Value Statements: User's preferred simplifying GDI's benefits into 3 easy to read paragraphs.
  • Compelling Button Copy: User's preferred CTA's with bold contrasting color and action verbs in the copy.
  • Social Proof: User's preferred a video in the header compared to an image, and information about GDI demographics compared to instructor's bios.

The Results

GDI Mockup

GDI Mockup


  • Don't fall in love with a design. A/B Testing can be a powerful tool for picking the right color, copy, and layout of the website.
  • Gathering feedback from users through surveys is an effective way to show an organizations value proposition.