Intriguing Teenagers To Organ Donation
Lily MacFaydian
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Intriguing Teenagers
To Organ Donation

License to Save Lives Case Study

Intriguing Teenagers To Organ Donation

License to Save Lives

The License to Save Lives program is designed to teach you about organ donation so that you can make an informed choice about registering as an organ donor. 

Role: I did the UI/UX for their interactive quiz.

The Challenge

User Persona
User Persona


My greatest challenge was to figure out how a website can intrigue teenagers into signing up to be organ donors. Based on the brief from the Save Lives organization and the results of a competitive analysis, I created user personas. They guided my design decisions, priorities, and helped me develop empathy for the organization's target audience.

The target audience was high school student's about to get their driver's license. To encourage these students to take the quiz, I designed it to feel like a driving game. The quiz consists of games similar to hangman, snake, and tic tac toe with a driving twist.

Intriguing Teenagers To Organ Donation

Responsive Design

To visualize the user experience and illuminate any possible pain points in the design I created wireframes with Basalmiq.

One of the main goals was to ensure that the site would look and function well on any size device so I started with mobile-friendly layouts. I tried a few layouts that would show the students their progress in the quiz but also streamlined the amount of questions students need to complete.

Intriguing Teenagers To Organ Donation

Visual Design

Sticking with the driving theme, I used primary greens, yellows, and reds as the focal colors. Since the goal was to appeal to teenagers, I used a rounded typeface and UI elements to create a young and fresh aesthetics. 

Once I went through the feedback loop with the Save Lives organization, I started designing the mockups with Sketch to hand-off to the developer.

Intriguing Teenagers To Organ Donation

The Results

The License to Save Lives campaign continues to run, however, in just the first few months, the results were encouraging. There was a 15% increase in online organ donation registration.

I gained a lot of insight into working with a team of developers on this project. For instance, it's best to show your work to the dev team early on in the process. It reduces the amount to speed bumps down the road.

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